Dell CIO Randy Mott said that India could not handle the volume of calls. Moreover, India’s thick accent resulted in a decline in customer satisfaction. It taught them to improve their tech support and other customer services. Despite the ongoing struggle of India with cybersecurity challenges, it received support from the company. Microsoft believes building a secure computing environment is crucial to India’s digital transformation. With 15,000+ articles, and 2,500+ firms, the platform covers all major outsourcing destinations, including the Philippines, India, Colombia, and others.

  • Unfortunately, not everyone is working to improve the operations of Indian BPOs.
  • By keeping the tips mentioned above to overcome outsourcing challenges and collaborating with the right outsourcing partner, getting success with outsourcing to India is certain.
  • The cost of labor in India is significantly lower than in developed countries, making it an attractive destination for outsourcing services.
  • We recommend consulting a lawyer who is well-versed in the privacy and security laws that will affect you.
  • Gartner’s Mishra says China-based firms have grown their market share significantly last year, but adds that their salaries are the highest in Asia.

This way, you’ll be able to understand the industry before leveraging it for your company. O2I takes this worry off your hands, employing robust security measures to safeguard your data, allowing you peace of mind in an area where security is paramount. Make a decision to outsource to India and witness a marked improvement in your productivity, profit and net income.

The primary reason to outsource to India is because of the lower cost of business operations. It helps companies securely store, manage, and process data on the Internet. And the COVID pandemic has increased the reliance on cloud technologies to carry out business operations — even for businesses in the manufacturing sector. Under the BOT model, you collaborate with a development partner from India to help you build and run an offshore software development team in India.

Here’re some of the top outsourcing companies in India that specialize in AI and IoT. Clarion Technologies is a leading IT Outsourcing company with 3 state-of-the-art development centers in India. Their bookkeeping services are appropriate for SMBs or non-profit organizations, new companies, and even individuals that need personal help with bookkeeping. Octopus Tech Solutions is one of India’s fastest emerging BPO companies. Having started their BPO operations in 2017, this company already has grown to cater clients across a wide range of sectors. With this option, you can give your business a competitive edge and increase your organization’s efficiency by outsourcing call center tasks.

History of Outsourcing to India

However, businesses need to be aware of potential language and cultural barriers that can impact the quality of outsourcing services. As a result of these reforms, Indian companies started offering outsourcing services in software development and IT support to global clients, particularly from the United States. The Indian outsourcing industry initially focused on providing low-cost labor for routine IT tasks and back-office functions. However, over time, it evolved to offer more complex services such as research and development, product design, and strategic consulting. Some countries are trying to improve their position to become alternative offshore locations to India.

  • And usually, an Indian worker will be highly skilled and well trained for any given project, making it easy for you to sign your outsourcing contract right away.
  • Outsourcing software development to India is probably the most well-known of all.
  • Just because others have succeeded with their outsourcing projects it does not mean you will, so due diligence is vital.
  • About 45% of companies that outsource IT functions state that their IT outsourcing initiatives are intended to save money.
  • 2022 will continue to see businesses turning towards digital outsourcing models to safeguard them from any unforeseen change like this pandemic.

Moreover, the Indian IT industry continues to expand with offered services even in Latin America. It is predicted that India will become the world’s largest IT hub because of its large number of software developers. About 75% of the world’s digital talents are estimated to be residents of India. This is seen to increase since more than 2 million workers are upskilling to continue developing their IT skills with the support of the National Association of Software Service Companies (NASSCOM). Besides India, there are also other players in the global outsourcing scene. China, the Philippines, and even Vietnam are known for being reliable partners.

Software development outsourcing companies

The company has branches across 90 countries, including Austria, China, and Italy. It also has offices in major cities like Delhi, Bangalore, and Chennai. However, before you outsource software development services to the country, make sure to analyze how it contributes to your business’s growth. India’s lower labor costs are one of the primary reasons why outsourcing to India is cost-effective. The cost of labor in India is significantly lower than in developed countries, making it an attractive destination for outsourcing services.

Join us in our transformational approach and discover what it means to redefine success. Our partnership goes beyond transactions; it’s a collaboration that inspires, innovates, and achieves. how to post journal entries to the general ledger examples and more Experience operational excellence and turn challenges into triumphs with our customized solutions. However, the right company will also give you the keys to unlock these challenges.

India — the most preferred global destination

Our stringent data security protocols and unwavering commitment to GDPR compliance reflect not just our responsibility but our respect for your business. We handle your data with the same care and integrity with which we manage our processes. His visionary ideas and passion for technology have backed Kody Technolab’s success. When it comes to outsourcing to India, we will make sure that choosing Kody Technolabs is like hitting the jackpot for you.

Knowledge Process Outsourcing

The Information Technology Act and other IT policies in India empower the growth of the IT industry and make it easy for western companies to collaborate with Indian IT companies. The cost of hiring remote developers from India is pretty low as compared to the cost of hiring developers in other developed countries. Like onshoring, nearshoring also ensures fewer cultural differences but when compared with offshoring, nearshoring costs are on the higher side. Or when you collaborate with a third-party software dev company to provide you experts to work on your project. KPO services can include but are not limited to, legal research and writing, patent research and analysis, medical transcription, and market research. “In fact, a lot of Eastern European and Latin American heritage companies are expanding their India talent pool a lot more.

Outsourcing certain knowledge-intensive processes, or Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO), is a newer form of offshoring that has gained significant ground in recent years. KPO involves the contracting of services such as research and analysis, legal process outsourcing, engineering design, and medical transcription to companies in India. Axis Bank, which has a 1,000-member-plus technology team, has been addressing the talent war by hiring people from smaller towns to work remotely. “When we started hiring freelancers under our GIG-A programme, we realised there are some countries where talent is available extensively. We also realised there is enough talent available in Tier II and Tier III cities.

Tech Mahindra

In 2023, Indian outsourcing firms are expected to continue investing in advanced technology and infrastructure to stay ahead of the curve. Outsourcing to India provides businesses with access to this advanced technology and infrastructure, enabling them to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and developments. Those planning to cut costs and get quality development services from experts look for top IT outsourcing companies in India, Malaysia, Poland, Ukraine, and other countries. However, one needs to be aware of all the upcoming and ongoing outsourcing trends to ensure a successful venture. India has been on the top of many listings for the best companies offering software development outsourcing.