Consider painting the walls, adding fun wallpaper squares, or incorporating other design elements that can help you create an independent space. A closet-turned-office space that’s uniquely you can help you feel productive and inspired. She started by measuring the space, so she could find a small desk and chair that would fit perfectly into the nook.

  • If you have an alcove, another kind of a nook, or are just keen on saving space, consider using a wall-mounted folding or drop-leaf table desk — for example, Bjursta from IKEA.
  • A darker shade like navy blue contrasts beautifully with white and natural wood trim and makes the area appear deeper than it actually is.
  • It has the most floor space of the three closet types and most likely has a door you can shut.
  • Your desk can be as simple as a painted board or a complex setup with drawers.
  • Allow for adequate leg and knee space for when you are seated, and sufficient room to bring your seat inside before you shut your office at the end of the day.

Chances are that you won’t find an electric outlet inside your closet for plugging in light strips—or your laptop, for that matter. If your budget is tight, a power strip and extension cord may suffice for connecting to a nearby wall outlet. However, for a truly well-lit closet office, you may need to call an electrician to add outlets and light fixtures to your new work zone. Recessed can lights add a wonderful amount of illumination to small work spaces and look good with just about any type of decor.

Consider using wallpaper instead of painting a cloffice

That’s why people usually go for gray or other solid colors like teal green, and ocean blue when choosing a background for the new office. These colors blend perfectly with most office accessories. For mounting the new shelves, you first have to create some.

convert closet to desk

One of the closet ideas that you will genuinely need is lighting. Integrated behind sliding doors, this secret home office makes great use of closet space. Meredith Perkins of Curated Casa used a dark blue color to ground her client’s office closet and emphasize the space, but she also used books and artwork to balance it. If you want to try a dark accent wall, consider using lighter colors when it comes to decor and make sure you have enough lighting. This creates a look that’s both dramatic and anchored.

Make the most of vertical space

To make sure you only fill the space you must, consider an armless office chair, or better yet, a chair without wheels at all. For major space-saving, you can even use a short barstool or an exercise closet to office conversion ball (bonus points if you bounce while you work!). The most space-saving solution of all would be to mount your desktop as a standing desk, which gets rid of the chair completely.

  • While they do make little edging-trimming tools for this purpose, I find they don’t give as much control as holding a hobby knife directly.
  • In this design by Mendelson Group, a closet is repurposed as a cozy and inviting workspace, with a colorful rug, comfortable seating, and plenty of natural light.
  • Use color to transform the interior and make it an inspiring home office.
  • Do you have an extra closet organization system lying around the house?
  • Sand smooth and finish with tung oil, paint, or some other stain.

At the end of each work day, tidy and put everything back where it belongs. Your closet office needs the same attention as your cubicle. If you’ve got an extra hall closet, it might be the perfect opportunity to create a mudroom. Jessica Bui, the blogger behind The Orange Home, accomplished this task in 2020 when she converted the “most random closet in the world” into a practical catchall space. Ideally, your cloffice flooring should match your home’s flooring.

Use the Side Space

For both the U-shaped shelf and the smaller shelves I only placed supports on opposite sides of the walls, as the span was not very wide. If you closet is deeper then you will likely need to add a third support along the back edge of each small shelf, or the shelf will sag over time. Do you have an extra closet organization system lying around the house? If so, you can use it to keep your cloffice tidy… just like Jennifer Gizzi of Making Pretty Spaces did! This cloffice is outfitted with shelving from The Container Store’s Elfa collection, which you can mix and match to suit your space.